Proven Leadership!

Proven Results!


  • Started the Spring Branch Industrial Park
  • Opened the Brian K. Smith Workhouse
  • Constructed the new Lake Forest Middle School
  • Gave an increase to the Bradley County Fire Fighters of $630,000

Continued Dedication!


  • Gave an increase to the SPCA for County Animal Sheltering
  • Voted to use Public Water Fund Monies to fund water line projects in the County
  • Voted for the purchase of American Uniform Building for the PIE Stem Hub project with Bradley County Schools for training students in different Commercial Workforces. 

Proven Leadership!


  • Opened the new Elrod Ball Park in the 4th District
  • Traded The Primitive Settlement for much needed land next to Taylor School.  
  • Voted for Sewer Grants to expand Sewer for Ocoee Utilities.